Marta Fernández Algarrada was born in 1994 in Madrid, Spain.

Having completed her secondary school studies, she followed studying a Higher Level Education Cycle in Design and Editorial Production at Salesianos Atocha School. She continued her formation in Design career at the Faculty of Bellas Artes of Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Currently she is studying a master's dual degree in Art Direction and Motion Graphics at Voxel School to complete her academic training.

She is a creative graphic designer with great passion for the visual world that surrounds her. Enthusiastic and hard-working, she continues to strive to achieve her goals in graphic sector and reach the top of it.

Her interests and hobbies include disciplines such as: music, reading, animation, video games, movies, series, comics, design and photography. She loves electronic music, vector illustration and flat design.

Marta is currently living in Madrid.